Adelaide Conveyancer

What’s the conveyancers role?

An Adelaide conveyancer is absolutely essential to successful property ownership transfers. While it’s not compulsory to arrange one, they take the stress away by:

  • Organising your documentation
  • providing legal advice
  • arranging settlement
  • and addressing any questions you have about the process.

A standard conveyancing transaction is carried out in two stages: the exchange of contracts, and completion. The first step is where we prepare the Contract of Sale, which accounts for all prices, repairs, and any compromises that have been negotiated between the two parties. This agreement is put on paper (in great detail) and signed off before any transaction takes place. An Adelaide conveyancer will ensure you have considered all factors, so there’s no surprise costs (like stamp duty) down the track. This will also help you organise your finances in preparation for re-payments. Call O’Dea Lawyers on 0423 633 864 to book a consultation!

Adelaide conveyancer

Finding the right Adelaide conveyancer for you!

If you’re new to property ownership, you might have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing an Adelaide conveyancer. To help your decision, we’ve listed a few of the few qualities that you should look for when scoping out the talent! Firstly, it goes without saying, they must have experience In property law. You can’t afford to miss the fine details when it comes to large investments! A good conveyancer should be able to outline all the rules and regulations from the get-go. Next comes good communication; find a team who speak to you in language you can understand. Property law is technical, but with your money on the line, it’s only fair you receive clear explanations! It’s also important to stick with the Adelaide conveyancer who actually delivers. Right from the word “Go”, they should start preparing documents, information, or anything that will kick-start the process.

About O’Dea Lawyers

O’Dea Lawyers are more than just the go-to Adelaide conveyancer. We offer a full-scope service that is inclusive of commercial law, property law, criminal law and family law. While we specialise in multiple areas, we pride ourselves on our status as a holistic boutique law firm. We’re dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients in minimal time, and that stems from taking the time to understand your needs. Our founder, Mr Damien O’Dea, has studied law, property, and behavioural science. He’s also accumulated experience in high-end commercial litigation and in Family Law jurisdiction. Through this experience, Mr O’Dea has developed a distinguished and well-rounded approach to his work. This is carried throughout the core of our practice, and all staff reflect the same level of integrity and commitment to their clients. Get in touch with us to organise your consultation with an Adelaide conveyancer on 0423 633 864!

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