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O'Dea Lawyers are a boutique law firm practicing in the areas of Commercial, Property and Family Law.
We also provide advice in Criminal Law matters and other areas of the law.

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Family law is one of our specialties! Family law (also called matrimonial law or the law of domestic relations) is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations.
We fight for our clients rights and aim to reach a fast and amicable conclusion to their case.

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Property law is another focus of ours. Property law is a part of law that governs the differing forms of ownership and tenancy in property (land as distinct from personal or movable possessions) and in personal property, within the common law legal system.

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Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of real property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien.
A typical conveyancing transaction has two major phases: the exchange of contracts and completion.

About The Principal Of O'Dea Lawyers

The Principal of the firm Mr Damien O'Dea has studies in Law, Property and Behavioral science. Mr O'Dea also has extensive experience in high end commercial litigation and in the Family Law jurisdiction.

Our aim is to add value with service to our clients. We care about our clients and aim to achieve a good outcome for a fair price.

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Damien O'Dea

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