Commercial Lawyers Adelaide

What is Commercial Law?

Commercial law, alternatively know as business law, is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of problems related to commerce, trade, sales and merchandising. Education is one of the most important aspects of commercial law. We give you the tools and resources to exercise your rights until justice has been achieved. To provide you with a little more insight, here’s some common issues we deal with here at O’Dea Lawyers:

  • Co-investor and partnership agreements
  • Insolvency and financial disputes
  • Business regulations
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Professional negligence
  • Immigration work policy and more.

We are objective, determined, and continually think outside the box to widen your potential for success. Commercial law is highly circumstantial, so we carefully analyse your business environment to come up with a tailored solution. Call our commercial lawyers Adelaide on 0423 633 864 for more information!

Commercial lawyers Adelaide commercial lawyers adelaide

Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Hiring commercial lawyers Adelaide to represent you is the best move you can make when fronting a legal battle. You need to understand all the textbook rules and variables before jumping into the case head first. While it might—theoretically—save you money, choosing to represent yourself comes with major risk. To summarise, here’s 6 reasons why you might want to consider professional help:

  1. Lawyers break down the complexities and prepare you for every outcome.
  2. You might miss details that will lead to surprise costs down the track.
  3. Lawyers have the skills and expertise to challenge evidence.
  4. Presenting inaccurate information /documentation could ultimately ruin your case.
  5. A lawyer will provide you pre-emptive advice to avoid future run-ins with the law.
  6. Lawyers have the negotiation skills necessary to reach a fair and practical settlement.

For the most reliable commercial lawyers Adelaide, choose O’Dea.

About O’Dea Lawyers

O’Dea Lawyers is a boutique family law firm that delivers big on both customer service, and results. Our commercial lawyers Adelaide know that it’s not just about having someone who’s familiar with the system represent you. It’s about receiving the support, guidance and education you need to exceed through life problem-free. When running a business, there’s no one-size-fits-all operation model. Commercial law requires a dedicated professional who is prepared to analyse and research your business environment. At O’Dea Lawyers, we promise to go above and beyond to seek the answers you need. We have a fantastic network of professionals who can lend a helping hand where necessary. Our director, Damien O’Dea, has studied Property & Behavioural science, and law. He has extensive experience in high end commercial litigation, and in the Family Law jurisdiction. For lasting promises, choose our commercial lawyers Adelaide to represent you!

Commercial lawyers Adelaide
Ready to Find Out More?

We’re fully aware of how intimidating the whole court process can be. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and comfortable process to get you back on you feet in minimal time. We offer advice, outline all the possibilities, take care of the documentation, and give you the credible assistance you need. Call or email our commercial lawyers Adelaide for the best possible outcome for your business operations!

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