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Commercial Litigation Lawyer Adelaide

What is commercial litigation?

If you’re looking for a commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide, O’Dea lawyers have you covered. Commercial litigation is an umbrella term that branches across the rights, regulations, and conduct of business. Business of course is another broad term that encompasses everything related to merchandising, trading or sales. So, it’s hard to narrow the definition down to a specific practice or circumstance. Some of the issues we commonly deal with in the area of commercial law include:

  • Property disputes
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • Sales of goods disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Liquidation
  • Breach of contract and more.

We never expect business owners to know everything there is to know about commercial litigation. Every situation is unique, so O’Dea Lawyers work hard to unravel the details, and come up with an appropriate solution. Our commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide will also offer mediation services if communication is proving an issue! Call us on 0423 633 864 today.

Commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide

How our commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide will approach your situation

A commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide will help you detangle the mess of any commercial issue you’re facing. While every case is different, our team have refined our process to facilitate a smooth experience for all parties involved. We get working from the moment you approach us, and we don’t stop until your desired result has been achieved. Firstly, we use our fantastic diagnostic skills to understand the problem, and how it contradicts the rules and regulations of business practice. From there, we’ll explore every possible option and explain them to you in great detail; enabling you to process the information and make decisions with confidence. Once a decision has been made, we’ll implement it by taking all the correct measures, whether that be:

  1. Mediation
  2. Applying for court order
  3. Issuing court proceedings

O’Dea Lawyers are your best bet for a reliable and supportive commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide.

About O’Dea Lawyers

Approaching a commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide from O’Dea Lawyers is the most effective way to manage your business issue. We’re a boutique law firm that delivers big on service and results, and our track record is undisputable. Our founder, Mr Damien O’Dea, has an extensive background in high-end commercial litigation. He’s dedicated the best part of his career to helping others through their struggles; earning him a well-respected title across Adelaide. Mr O’Dea has transferred his dedication and commitment across to other members in his team. As a collective, they offer a level of service that is genuinely unrivalled in the law field. We take the time to listen, carefully calculate all the risks, and pose a range of solutions for you to work from. If you’re facing any business dramas, our commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide will get you through the other side unscathed. Call us on 0423 633 864!

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O’Dea Lawyers will provide you with a commercial litigation lawyer Adelaide who actually cares. We understand that your success is dependent on our help, so we’ll work relentlessly until your achieve the right results. You can book a free, no-obligation consultation by calling 0423 633 864!

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