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Wills and Estates Lawyers Adelaide

What do Wills and Estates Lawyers
Adelaide do?

Wills and estates lawyers help clients’ draft wills and trusts, delegate powers of attorney, contest wills, produce documents to assist with a clients’ estates when they pass and appoint guardians. When a person dies, their property or estate need to be distributed in accordance with their Will. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a smooth process. Here at O’Dea lawyers, we understand that the death of a loved one can have devastating effects on the people around. This is why we strongly believe everyone should have their Will drafted to ensure that when they pass away everything on their will is written exactly how they intended. This means reducing confusion, stress and misinterpretation. When someone passes, we also attend to probate and assist Executors to complete their duties. O’Dea wills and estate lawyers Adelaide have been practicing wills and estates for years.

Wills and Estates Lawyers Adelaide Wills and Estates Lawyers Adelaide

What is a will and what needs to be accounted for?

A will is a legal document that states how you wish to distribute your assets, and how you would like to be disposed upon your death. Our wills and estate lawyers Adelaide believe having a will is crucial. This is to ensure your wishes are followed upon your death. If you do not have a will when you pass, your assets can legally be distributed in accordance to a set formula. Some things which you may want to include in your will are:

  • Assets (homes and buildings you own)
  • Details of assets (such as credit card information, insurance details etc.)
  • Investments
  • Division information (full names and accurate details of the recipients)
  • Funeral arrangement instructions
  • Guardianship

Some people also choose to donate a portion of the savings they leave behind to charities and organisations they support. O’Dea lawyers can look at this information with you in greater detail to determine what your best course of action will be.

About O’Dea Lawyers

Here at O’Dea lawyers, we have a strong focus on service value and results. We believe that in times of loss, it is crucial to have a lawyer that works closely with their clients. We do this to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Our Wills and estate lawyers Adelaide will work closely with you to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes. When you are thinking about making your will, there a variety of different things to consider such as superannuation, life insurance, debts owed, jointly-owned property, care and guardianships and many more. Whilst creating a will is an intricate and complex it is arguably the most important legal documents you will ever sign. Setting up a will is a small step you can take to reduce the pressure and pain of your loved one once you pass.

Wills and Estates Lawyers Adelaide
Ready to Find Out More?

O’Dea wills and estate lawyers Adelaide are here to help you throughout the entire process. We believe in service value and results, to ensure you and your loved ones receive the best possible outcome. Wills are a crucial document that require great detail and professional help. Reach out to O’Dea lawyers today to start planning today. Call us on 0423 633 864 or email us at damien@odealawyers.com.au.

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