Estate Lawyers Adelaide

What do estate lawyers Adelaide do?

Wills & estate lawyers Adelaide are responsible for advising clients on making a will, drafting the will, and administering estates. It’s absolutely vital that everyone prepares a will at some stage of their life to prevent what’s called instetacy. If you have an intestate death, your assets will typically be divided among family. However, there’s not much consideration as to what, or how much goes to whom. Our lawyers will outline all the formalities to make your will legible. Some of the rules include:

  • Clearly stating that it’s your last will and testament
  • Naming your executor
  • Naming your beneficiaries
  • Naming a guardian if you have children
  • Assessing and dividing your property
  • Signing the will
  • Obtaining a witness’ signature.

It’s important to note that all names must be written in full, and the relationship status should also be listed. For more advice on estate lawyers Adelaide, call us today!

Estate lawyers Adelaide

The role of the executor

When naming your executor, our wills & estate lawyers Adelaide will tell you to consider your options carefully. This person is effectively responsible for dividing all of your assets and carrying out the wishes outlined in the will. If no executor has been named, the court will generally administer the beneficiary who has received the largest portion of the estate (if appropriate). To give you an idea of some of the tasks they may have to carry out, the executor will:

  • Collect assets and have them valued
  • Cover any debts left behind by selling the assets
  • Make funeral arrangements
  • Distribute all assets in accordance with the will.

Before taking control, the executor must receive a Grant of Representation. This is a legal document issued by the supreme court which formally recognises that a person has been appointed executor. Our estate lawyers Adelaide will give you the right advice!

Choosing the best wills & estate lawyers Adelaide

If you’ve decided to knuckle down and get a start on your will, it’s wise to approach professional estate lawyers Adelaide. We’ll advise you on the appropriate structure, what needs to be included, and how to officiate the information. Our team encourage you to re-visit your will every 5-years to make sure all the information is up to date. Circumstances are subject to change, and while it’s good to get ahead, you never know what can happen in the space of five years. We’ll happily keep it safe and secure, until you’re ready to make amendments! Writing your will is as simple as picking up the phone and calling 0423 633 864. The wills & estate lawyers Adelaide at O’Dea lawyers are helpful, friendly, and never pressure you to make choice that don’t feel right. Have your say and contact the professionals now!

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