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O’Dea Lawyers are experts in family law, commercial law, debt recovery, and wills & estates. Our divorce lawyers Adelaide pledge to make your experience as stress free as possible by providing ongoing education and support. Within the realm of family law, our expertise covers a range of other issues that stem from divorce. These include property settlement, child support, and financial agreements. All of these circumstances can be incredibly stressful for all parties involved, and mediation may be necessary. Our team are happy to communicate on your behalf to facilitate a smooth process. As an experienced team, we’ve had the opportunity to watch the industry evolve. Rather than following in the footstep of others, we thrive in a league of our own by focussing solely on the wellbeing and success of our clients. We’re the divorce lawyers Adelaide that you can trust.

Divorce Lawyers Adelaide Divorce Lawyers Adelaide

Supporting You Through Family law

As specialists in family law, we’re very familiar with the divorce process and all the work involved. Before getting into the nitty gritty details, our divorce lawyers Adelaide give you the time to tell your side of the story. We’re not driven by money, we’re driven by results, and results stem from confidence and determination. While we’re practical and rational, we diligently fight for the rights of our clients. This means outlining out all the possibilities and letting you have a say. Of course, we also manage the tedious paperwork and liaisons that complicate the process. We break this information down into language you can understand, which is one of our star qualities at O’Dea Lawyers. We’re everyday people who genuinely understand the struggles of the process, and come bearing a solution to simplify your experience. Get in touch with our divorce lawyers Adelaide by calling 0423 633 864.

Our Services

In addition to divorce lawyers Adelaide, O’Dea Lawyers have experienced solicitors on board who manage other areas of law. Our full-scope service list includes:

  • Family Law: We take care of matrimonial law, property settlement, parenting arrangements, financial agreements, legal aid and more.
  • Commercial law: We provide services for administration & insolvency, co-investor & partner agreements, insurance, inquests & inquiries, workplace health & safety and more.
  • Conveyancing: We Successfully transfer legal ownership of a property from one person to another. There are generally two phases of this process—exchange of contracts, and completion.
  • Criminal Law: We guide you through drink driving charges, drug possession, traffic offences, theft allegations and more. Our defence lawyers will work collaboratively with you to come up with the most viable solutions.
  • Debt recovery: We Help businesses regain control of their finances.

When it matters, our people are here for you. You can reach out to our divorce lawyers Adelaide by calling 0423 633 864.

Divorce Lawyers Adelaide
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If you have a legal issue that requires help from divorce lawyers Adelaide, give O’Dea Lawyers a call. We’ve refined our service offerings to ensure we can provide our clients with a personalised, detailed, and supportive service from end to end.

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